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AIW DOES NOT ship tickets.
When you buy tickets, your name will be held at the front door for when you arrive.
Please bring photo ID and/or receipt just in case.
All tickets sales are FINAL. There are no refunds under ANY circumstances!

We NO LONGER will be shipping internationally from AIWrestling.com.
Due to increased pricing from the USPS, we have decided to cut this. 
There are however several options for International customers:
-Smart Mark Video will still be shipping AIW DVD Releases internationally. Please go to http://smartmarkvideo.com/absolute-intense-wrestling 
-They also sell AIW Releases on MP4.
 -You can stream AIW Releases on SMVOD.com.
-For Past AIW Events you can check out AIWArchives.com which is a collection of 50 past events and releases.

Walk the Plank
February 17, 2017 @ Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Cleveland, OH
Double Dare 2016 Day 2
November 5, 2016 @ Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Cleveland, OH
Secret of the Witch
October 15, 2016 @ Tequila Jaxx in Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH
Double Dare 2016 Day 1
November 4, 2016 @ Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Cleveland, OH

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